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Data protection information

  • The processing of the collected data is based on Art. 6 para. 1 c), d), e) DSGVO and Art. 9 para. 2 DSGVO.
  • The processing is necessary to protect other pilots in the launch area and, if necessary, to find contact persons of persons suffering from Covid-19 and to be able to inform them in time. Thus the processing serves the health of all pilots, the people in their social environment and is done exclusively for this purpose.
  • If necessary, the data will be passed on to the responsible health authority.
  • The data will be deleted as soon as the reason for its storage no longer applies.
  • Every pilot has the right to be informed about the stored data and the right to correct, delete and restrict the processing under the conditions stated in articles 16 to 18 DSGVO.
  • Any queries regarding the stored data must be addressed to the official bodies of the terrain operators. The same applies to requests for the data by the health authorities. Contact details of the site operators can be found under the respective links.
  • Every pilot has the right to complain to the supervisory authority.
  • The regulations for data processing of the respective site operators are decisive.

Technical notes

  • The data is transmitted via a secure, encrypted data connection (HTTPS).
  • The storage of the collected data as well as the deletion, if necessary, is carried out on servers and infrastructure of FAIR FLY for reasons of uniform data protection. Requests to view own data or official requests must be made via the site operator for the purpose of data security.

Browser Cookies

    The use of browser cookies on this site is solely for the purpose of comfortable user guidance. The intermediate storage of personal data in cookies is encrypted and only at the instigation of the user. In no case this serves the evaluation or the passing on of personal data to third parties.