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Pricing 2024/01/01:
Setup Costs: 90,00 EUR
Monthly Base Costs: 7,50 EUR
Transaction Costs: 0,45 EUR
SMS Costs: 0,23 EUR
Prices expected to be valid from 2024/01/01
All prices inclusive 19% VAT.

Setup Costs

One-time setup costs are incurred for the setup of one or more FAIR FLY user accounts as well as the creation of the basic data of all flying sites that are assigned to a site operator.
These costs are incurred again after interruption of use.

Monthly Base Costs

The monthly costs are to be paid in advance for the minimum usage period of 12 months. They are non-refundable in case of non-use.

Transaction Costs

When using the PayPal online payment function, in addition to the PayPal fees (https://www.paypal.com/de/webapps/mpp/merchant-fees) per transaction, FAIR FLY transaction costs are also incurred which, depending on their total amount, are invoiced to the client monthly, quarterly or annually in arrears. In the event of late payment, the provision of the PayPal Online Payment function will be suspended until payment is received.
The use of the PayPal online payment function requires a PayPal business account of the site operator, which will be credited directly with the guest flight fees, deducting the PayPal fees.

SMS Costs

SMS costs are incurred when using the FAIR FLY SMS messaging service per SMS sent. Depending on their total amount, these costs will be invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually in arrears. In case of late payment, the provision of the SMS messaging service will be suspended until payment is received.

Period of use

The FAIR FLY period of use begins at the time of the period of use shown on the advance invoice and ends automatically at the end of the invoiced period. Upon payment of the advance invoice for the subsequent period, as well as at that time of all outstanding invoices, the period of use is extended by the period indicated on the invoice. Non-payment or untimely payment of an invoice will result in termination or interruption of the period of use. Interruption of the period of use for more than three weeks will result in renewed setup costs for renewed use (see above).

Economic efficiency 2024/01/01

Day Ticket 5,00 EUR 6,00 EUR
FAIR FLY Fee -0,45 EUR -0,45 EUR
PayPal Fees* 1,50% -0,08 EUR 1,50% -0,09 EUR
-0,35 EUR -0,35 EUR
calculatory margin 4,12 EUR 5,11 EUR
*PayPal fees for non-profit organizations are 1.50% + 0.35 EUR otherwise 2.49% + 0.35 EUR.
Costs Day Ticket 5,00 EUR Day Ticket 6,00 EUR
1. Year 90,00 EUR + 12 x 7,50 EUR = 180,00 EUR 180,00 EUR / 4,12 EUR = 44 Tickets 180,00 EUR / 5,11 EUR = 36 Tickets
Following year 12 x 7,00 EUR = 90,00 EUR 90,00 EUR / 4,12 EUR = 22 Tickets 90,00 EUR / 5,11 EUR = 18 Tickets